Transportation Assistance to Individual(s) Attending Case Development (CD) and/or Mediation meetings

In cases where a party to the conflict would be unable to attend a CD and/or a mediation meeting due to the cost of travel, the York Region Housing Mediation Services® (YRHMS®) may agree to reimburse them for those costs.

To apply for travel costs, individual(s) are required to fill out and submit a financial statement in the prescribed format.

Each application will be assessed and if it demonstrates a need for help with travel costs, approved by the Case Manager.

Travel costs will generally be provided for the most economical, reasonable travel option, such as bus fare.  Where public transit is not an option, reasonable mileage will be reimbursed at the rate of $.40/km roundtrip.

The cost of travel will be reimbursed to the participant at the CD and/or a mediation meeting if their application is submitted and approved sufficiently in advance to enable the cost of travel to be given to the mediator ahead of time.  If not submitted sufficiently in advance, the participant will be reimbursed the cost of approved travel later.