Our Mediators


Marcelo is a mediator and workplace investigator with many years of experience. Through using his skills in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), he was able to help young offenders reach new opportunities. His field of practice includes business disputes, injury, disability, housing and human rights complaints.


Jackeline's experience in the health and social sector has included work with leaders from the public, non-for-profit and community organizations on collaborative projects, partnerships, community developments, advocacy, conflict resolution, strategic planning, team building and organizational change. Formerly a Director of Integrated Client Services in a community health centre in the Greater Toronto Area, she assisted in facilitating many conflict resolution processes within the workplace. 


Sabrina has an Honours B.A. in sociology from York university and is certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has extensive experience mediating in various types of situations through working within multiple sectors of public service. She finds it very important to take the time and listen in any situation to fully understand how to help. Sabrina is a very calm, positive and professional individual who looks forward to being your mediator. 


Camilo is a mediator with experience in implementing interest-based approaches to positively change and strengthen relationships, while attempting to get the parties in conflict to come to an agreement. With over 5 years-experience in restorative mediation, he is an accomplished mediator and facilitator that helps the parties in a conflict to understand the other’s point of view, discuss weaknesses in arguments and solve the conflict. He is a passionate and thoughtful practitioner who brings authenticity and insight into his practice. Camilo is also a mediator with St. Stephen CRT.


Adrian is a mediator who listens; more importantly, he'll endeavour to ensure you're heard. A facilitator of discussion, progressive dialogue and reasoning. Together, we attain resolve. 


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