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Comment from Front Line Staff / Manager about our Housing Mediation Services OR Clients:

The Housing Mediation Services really helped the client that we referred to find a solution that met the needs of the landlord to be re-paid their rental arrears ($11,200)  but keeping the 94 years old senior and her son in their home.

Noelene Mahon

Coordinator, Homelessness Prevention Program/Southern York Region

Jewish Family & Child


My experience as a housing worker and a community case manager is that the services provided by the Housing Mediation Service is a valuable one. The clients – tenants (and landlords) I work with often wouldn’t be able to afford these services if it was a paid service and the only other option is the tribunal.

Diversion from tribunal, I’m sure, saves tax payer money as well as stress to both landlord and tenant.  The setting to which the Mediation takes place is very neutral and comfortable as opposed to the daunting and public court rooms.  There is ample time for both sides to speak to their issues and feelings which isn’t the case at a tribunal.

In the specific case with my tenant and their issues, much of the conflict was about money and the difficulty with locating a suitable place to live which is very emotional.  Once these emotions had been fleshed out (after a lot of talking over a few hours) the dialog changed a great deal and the misunderstanding that was stalling things was able to be cleared up.  I believe both parties came away feeling better and both were able to get what they needed out of the settlement. I felt that both facilitators did a very good job and staying neutral while being able to offer emotional empathy to both sides.  

Michelle Ball

Case Manager @ LOFT Crosslinks Housing & Support Services


The Program is the best thing for York Region.  It helps with disputes with landlords who don’t do maintenance to their properties and to help solve issues.  

Client – Marc, Aug 2017 & Feb 2019